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Ez-Vee Roof Racks from Kayak Pro - Review

KayakPro ez vee racks I have been using EZ-Vee (Pro model) from KayakPro for more than 2 years. These roof racks consists of a 8' long rail with two movable Vee supports. It can be mounted on Yakima and Thule crossbars. A kayak hull placed on Vee supports is hold by bungee loops.

The system is designed for long and narrow racing kayaks, but there are other versions available for wider hulls and long rowing sculls.

I have installed the Ez-Vee on my Subaru Outback. I did not found a need to change a position of V carriers. I just put them in the extreme positions providing the longest possible span, i.e., almost 8'. The current description on KayakPro mentions a lightweight aluminum construction, but my Ez-Vee system seems to be made rather from steel (?) and is quite heavy. It is possible that some changes have been introduced since I ordered mine.

I am keeping the Ez-Vee all time on my car since I paddle year around and usually several times per week, I only take it off for a longer trip if not used. This is not easy or fast operation.

Kayak Pro ez vee racks

I am using Ez-Vee to carry my racing kayaks: Sisson Nucleus and Thunderbolt-X. Other boats included Surfrigger, CLC Patuxent 19.5, Futura Blade surfski, and, even, Feathercraft K1 expedition folding kayak and my Spencer X-treme canoe.

The hard chine Patuxent is tilted on her side when placed in V carriers. I have not experienced any problems when driving with my boats even in high wind conditions while I had troubles with Yakima kayak saddles. The 24" Surfrigger hull was able to shift saddles on crossbars when driving with 50 mph side wind.

Before ordering these racks I had some doubts about two issues: (1) the bungee fastening system and (2) the shape of V carriers providing just two contact points with the boat hull.

I have found that bungees hold the boat very securely. These are pretty short bungee loops and I am using two loops on each V carrier to have a backup. For wider hulls I have to use straps.

V shape carriers despite of a foam can deform more flexible hulls. It is quite visible in the case of my Kevlar Sisson Nucleus. After two years I see some cracks on a gelcoat. I do not observe this problem in stiffer carbon/kevlar hulls.

Fast loading and downloading a boat means more time spent on water paddling. It is especially true in the case of my short paddling workouts.

KayakPro's EZ-Vee review summary:

  • very fast loading and unloading
  • good support for long boats
  • no need to adjust anything for different boats
  • no need to use bow/stern ties
  • more room on a roof
  • well made
  • easy to find my car on parking lots
  • may deform flexible hulls
  • more wind resistance, noise than low profile saddles
  • not fast to dismount (eight allen head screws)
  • heavy
  • not cheap
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