Tue - November 1, 2005

Do You Paddle with Your Dog? K-9 Kayaking

dog paddling

I had several encounters with dogs when paddling during last summer. I saw a couple of kayakers with couple of dogs (French bulldogs?) enjoying afternoon on Lonetree Reservoir. It was a really cute view! The dogs were facing each other all the time. I could observe another way of paddling with a dog during my Gross Reservoir trip: a dog being towed on a little pontoon behind a kayak. All these dogs were wearing life jackets. It may be difficult to invite a larger dog into a regular sea kayak.

I've paddled only once with Worf, our 130 pound Newfoundland. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. It was on the Platte River in Michigan after we picked up the new Sea Wind canoe from Verlen Kruger. The boat had some trim problems with Worf sitting behind me but he kept a perfect balance.

Recently, I started to paddle with Dax, our newfy girl. Of course, the Sea Wind is the only option. Dax is much smaller and lighter than Worf and can lay down in the cockpit behind my seat. She behaves perfectly, although has tendency to lean on one side making my paddling less comfortable.

So far, we have paddled only calm waters of my local Beaver Pond, but I don't expect any problems with more serious paddling. She is my training partner. Her job is to simulate an expedition cargo during my day paddling. For sure she enjoys boating! On one occasion when Dax saw me in a tippy Sisson kayak she swam towards me hoping to get on board ...

If you are thinking about paddling with your dog you should read Dog Paddling by Kevin Callan on paddling.net. More interesting K-9 kayaking links:

Would you like to share your experiences with K-9 kayaking or canoeing? I can publish your story and pictures. Or you can add some comments below.

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