Thu - November 2, 2006

North Platte River in Wyoming - Eagle Nest Rapid

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I often paddle North Platte River in Wyoming between Treasure Island and Seminoe Reservoir during spring months. Usually, I paddle Spencer X-treme canoe as a training before Texas Water Safari.

My first safari training runs took place in early April of 2002 during a weekend stay in Saratoga. It was also the beginning of paddling with my very first digital camera, Canon PowerShot S40 and I messed up something with a camera white balance. I tried to correct the color balance of the pictures from that trip in Photoshop, but I was not very happy with the results. The light in some of these pictures was just not that great. So, I decided to convert them to black and white using a channel mixer in Photoshop.

About 30 miles below Saratoga or 20 miles below Pick Bridge (first picture) you will find Eagle Nest Rapid: a small drop over primitive diversion dam in a shadow of a massive reddish rock cliff. My pictures show that rapid at 1000 cfs flow. It may create larger waves at higher flow later in spring.

I run the rapid in the middle. I was too lazy to close a spray skirt in my X-treme and I took some water. It gave me a chance to test my pump system. I have both a foot and electric bilge pump (Rhule) installed in that boat. This system worked fine in my three Texas Water Safaris and other long distance races like Colorado River 100 or Missouri River 340.

You should stop and scout the rapid before running it. A portage on left is short and easy.

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