Tue - November 27, 2007

A View from a Kayak Cockpit - 3 Paddlers, 3 Cameras, 3 Boats

A paddlers perspective. Three pictures shot from a kayak cockpit by three paddlers. In each shot the camera was held by a paddler in right hand. Three different kayaks: a ICF K1, a sea kayak and an unlimited racing kayak. Three locations: Sweden, Montana and Colorado. Three DSLR cameras or more importantly three different focal length of lenses: 12, 17 and 20 mm. Time: late fall or winter.
winter paddling Stockholm Sweden

Photographer/paddler: Björn Olin
Kayak: ICF Nelo Vanquish Vintage (17')
Location: Stora Essingen Island, Stockholm, Sweden
Time: January, 2007
Camera: Nikon D200 with 12-24 mm lens at 12 mm

Mark Payton

Photographer/paddler: Mark Payton
Kayak: Nordkapp Jubilee (17'10"x21")
Location: Lake Mc Donald, Glacier National Park, Montana
Time: November 18, 2007
Camera: Canon EOS 20D with 17-40 F4L lens at 17 mm

November paddling in Colorado

Photographer/paddler: Marek Uliasz
Kayak: WSBS Thunderbolt-X (21'x18")
Location: Arapaho Bend Natural Area, Fort Collins, Colorado
Time: November 22, 2007
Camera: Canon EOS 20D with 20-35 mm lens at 20 mm

I am still working on my shot with the Thunderbolt kayak. It is the longest boat here at 21', but it was also shot with the longest lens. It is a very similar view angle as provided by my Pentax Optio W10.

Suggestion: rather use your waterproof camera!

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