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44 Miles on the North Platte River in 2 Minutes - Video Animation

North Platte River, Wyoming North Platte River, Wyoming North Platte River, Wyoming
North Platte River, Wyoming

North Platte River, Wyoming

44 miles of
North Platte RIver
in 2 minutes

Wyoming Outback Challenge'08

The second Wyoming Outback Challenge on the North Platte River organized by Canoe Colorado took place on May 25 during Memorial Day weekend. The race starts at Hot Springs in Saratoga and runs 44 miles down the river across a quite remote area to Fort Steele (I-80 boat ramp).

I had several posts about this year in 2007 and 2008 in my paddling blogs:

During the race I was shooting pictures with the similar camera setup as in the 2007 Colorado River Race in Glenwood Canyon.

1. The Pentax Optio W30 camera was mounted on a deck of the Thunderbolt kayak. I used a camera mount based on two suction cups from the Sticky Pod . An improvised hood shaded the lens from a direct sun light and prevented at least some of splashes (there were a lot of them with a high water this year).

2. The camera was set in an interval mode: a picture every 1 minute up to 360 pictures. I started the camera a few minutes before the start at Saratoga, completed the race in 4:27 hours, and let the camera shooting with a bow of my kayak facing upstream towards incoming boats.

3. The frames were assembled into a video clip without any adjustments, just with resizing pictures. I did not remove any frames. You see some frames with water droplets.

4. With 1 minute sampling the river looks pretty empty in my animation. I paddled with other boats only for a mile till the first dam, then somewhere below Pick Bridge I was passed by a tandem Spencer canoe. I thought that I stayed with them much longer than 1 minute, but I don't see them in my pictures. I stopped twice during the race: a short portage over a rock dam in the river side leg and then checking the Eagle Nest rapid. You can notice my stops in single frames if you watch carefully.

I hope that this video animation will give you some taste of the North Platte River and Wyoming Outback Challenge. See you next year in Saratoga! Please check my 2008 Calendar for other local and not so local marathon paddling races.

North Platte River, Wyoming North Platte River, Wyoming North Platte River, Wyoming

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Sat - September 15, 2007

Towing, Paddling and Filming before the 2006 WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge

icy Sea Wind canoe on South Platte River

Towing and Paddling
Sea Wind
December 2005

In December of 2005 I was training with my Sea Wind canoe for the WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge, an expedition race around Florida with a 40 mile portage.

Since all my local lakes remained frozen I used to drive to the South Platte River near Greeley and paddled upstream and then back downstream. The river at Kersey was flowing between 400 and 500 cfs, lower than usual. In my upstream paddling I had to used a ski pole to push my Sea Wind over some shallow spots.

Each time I was finishing my workout well after sunset. During my trip on December 30th hundreds of geese were trying to land on my head just above Kersey.

I also started to train for the big portage by towing my canoe along bike trails in Fort Collins. It was still before I switched to inline skates.

The short video clip illustrates my towing and paddling training during that winter. It was shot with Pentax Optio WP. I believe it was the first time when I used a suction cup camera mount from Sticky Pod.

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Sat - September 8, 2007

Kayak and Canoe Paddling Video Clips, Movies and Animations - 2007

sticky pod camera mount I made my first paddling video clip when I got my first digital camera, Canon PowerShot S40 with a waterproof case. It was August of 2002 on the Boyd Lake in Colorado with my CLC Patuxent kayak.

Since then, I have been using different cameras for my paddling movies: Canon Optura Xi as a camcorder and as a recorder for a bullet cam, and then Pentax Optio WP and W10. I have been experimenting with different way to mount my cameras on a kayak or canoe including mini tripods, clamp tripods, foam and duct tape mounts, joby gorrillapods, and recently different mutations of the sticky pod.

At the beginning it was a lot of fun just to shoot something in motion ... More sophisticated editing and scripts came later.

You can find my older movies (up to early 2005) on the Mountain Wayfarer site. Newer ones appear in different video posts on Paddling with a Camera and Fitness Paddling blogs. I have a few movies posted on and They may be faster to download there than directly from my server, but a quality will be lower.

This post is my attempt to prepare a central catalog of my movies. I am starting with the current year and will go backward in time in subsequent updates. All recent movies are prepared in the wmv format for Windows Media Player.

kayak canoe paddling video clips


Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon

10 Miles in 60 Seconds

A video animation from 180 frames shot from a deck of my Thunderbolt kayak during the 2007 Colorado River Race in Glenwood Canyon.

camera: Pentax Optio W10 mounted on a front deck with the 3 suction cup mount from Sticky Pod, interval model - picture every 30s
10Mb, wmv, download

paddling Thunderbolt kayak in Wyoming

Thunderbolt on the North Platte River

Video clip shot from the Thunderbolt kayak between Saratoga and Pick Bridge during training run before the 2007 Wyoming Outback Challenge.

camera: Pentax Optio W10 mounted on a kayak deck with the single suction cup mount from Sticky Pod
17.2 Mb, wmv, download

Rapier 20 in Glenwood Canyon

First Four Finishers in 2006 Colorado River Race

A small excerpt from a footage shot by Marcie Nolan at the finish of 2006 Colorado River Race from the Hanging Lake parking area.

8.2 Mb, wmv, download

Horsetooth Reservoir

Thunderbolt Kayak on Horsetooth

Launching Thunderbolt on the Horsetooth Reservoir from Lory State Park

camera: Pentax Optio W10 mounted on the stern kayak deck with the single suction cup from Sticky Pod + some "diving" footage
12.1 Mb, wmv, download

paddling Thunderbolt kayak in Wyoming

Thunderbolt and Ice

My first paddling on the Beaver Pond in Arapaho Bend Natural Area near Fort Collins, CO this year - just playing in a small area of free water and pushing the kayak through a soft ice.

camera: Pentax Optio W10 mounted on a front/stern deck and with the single suction cup sticky pod, no extensions
1 minute, 5 Mb, wmv, download

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