Tue - December 27, 2005

Music Video Clip from Poland - Paddling on Monciak

Paddling on Monciak (Splyw Monciakiem)
by Kali

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Monciak is not a river. It is a street - a popular walking street at Sopot, a town and resort on Polish seashore near Gdansk. And the movie, "Paddling on Monciak" (Splyw Monciakiem) is a promotional clip from a new CD by Kali (Bartek Kalinowski). The plot is simple: the river seemed to be way too far, so he decided to paddle through the middle of town on Monciak ...

I think that Kali still needs to work on his forward stroke, but, obviously, he is willing to train more.

A short lesson of Polish. You can hear the following phrase repeated several times in the song:
Spływ, spływ Monciakiem lepszy niż kajakiem - Paddling on Monciak better than in kayak.

  • spływ is used for any paddling trip, although, it means exactly something like paddling or floating down river.
  • kajak - kayak. That's simple.
  • lepszy - better
  • niż - than

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