Fri - October 6, 2006

Is It Fog over my Pond? October Evening Paddling

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A quiet evening in October. Calm without even a trace of breeze. Is it fog over my Beaver Pond?

I love fog! Well, most of the time. Fog is really photogenic. See, e.g., my early morning pictures from Suwannee or Missouri rivers. I don't enjoy fog when paddling my safari canoe at night if I cannot see water surface. Any collision with a log or other obstacle may end up in swimming. I paddled in dense fog during my last night of the Texas Water Safari 2003. Also, during the last Missouri River 340 race I had some nighttime fog which at the very fast river current was not a fun. On other hand, I was quite comfortable paddling my Sea Wind canoe with zero visibility on the lower Suwannee River in March 2006.

Unfortunately, what I experienced over the Beaver Pond wasn't fog. It was a dust drifting from a dirt road and staying in a stable air layer over water. We haven't had any rain here for weeks. A car traffic is increasing on Strauss Cabin Road along the pond and during calm evenings like that one it really affects my paddling workout. I stayed away from the road and even took a longer break at the opposite shore for a photo session.

Beaver Pond is not used for irrigation and has no connection to any ditches. It means that water level is not changing very much as it happens in typical Colorado reservoirs allowing for a growth of some natural vegetation along the shores. However, there are some ditches running around the pond. I believe these are spurs of the Boxelder Ditch taking water from the Poudre River below Prospect Street.

I finished my paddling well after sunset and under beautiful full moon. After covering hundreds of miles in 1 mile loops I don't have troubles to paddle there in darkness. I have some street lights in one end of the pond.

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