Thu - February 2, 2006

South Platte River - Another View or How to Photograph the River?

Kruger Sea Wind on South Platte Riverold cars on South Platte River, Colorado South Platte River - Another View or How to Photograph the River?

Old Cars of the South Platte River

Every year I spent a lot time paddling the South Platte River. In winter it is often the only open water in northern Colorado. South Platte below Denver is a farmland river and is not exactly scenic. You can see numerous diversion dams and banks protected in many places with every imaginable materials and junk. I like to paddle South Paddle when everything is covered by snow but it does not happen frequently here.

Of course, I am taking photographs of the South Platte or at least I am always carrying one of my cameras. I can often shoot some nice "scenic" pictures around the water. The sky can be interesting. Sunset always happens. The dams can pretend to be whitewater and rapids. There is a lot of wildlife. Beavers are working hard.

However, I wonder how should I photograph and present the river on-line: to focus on scenic aspects or show more documentary shots?

During my last paddling of the last year on December 30th, I stopped for a longer while at the Patterson Ditch Dam (the first dam downstream of Evans) and had a photo session with old cars used to protect river banks. Old cars appear in numerous places along the South Platte. What do you think about my junk car portfolio? I wouldn't like to discourage anybody from paddling the South Platte.

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