Mon - November 12, 2007

November Paddling at 9,000 feet - Dillon Lake in Summit County, Colorado

canoe Lake Dillon Lake Dillon in November Sea Wind canoe -  Lake Dillon

Dillon Reservoir in the Summit County can be reached in 2 hours of driving from Fort Collins. Unfortunately, I need to drive through Denver and I have to plan my return trip carefully to avoid heavy traffic on the I-25 highway. Last time, I paddled Dillon Lake in the Thunderbolt kayak on my way back from the Glenwood Canyon Race in the third Sunday of August (see 9 pictures ...). On Saturday, I visited the lake again - I took Sea Wind canoe for a short afternoon paddling there.

paddling Lake Dillon

This time I launched from the Dam Road near Frisco. To reach that spot you need to take the Frisco exit from I-25, drive towards the town, and turn left on the first traffic light into the Dam Road. You will see a large parking area on your right. It is used mostly by fishermen. There is a short walk downhill to the lake. Watch the traffic on a bike trail! If you drive a 0.25 mile further along the Dam Road you can enter a nice, but not free, picnic area.

canoe Lake Dillon, Summit County

I had only three hours till sunset. I started with a sunny weather and calm water. There was a little bit of snow high in mountains and some tiny patches on the lake shores. Later, I got a strong wind with a few showers and a healthy chop. I was alone on the lake, but it was a noticeable recreational traffic along its shores: fishermen, bikers and joggers.

mountain pine beetle I paddled in the northwestern part of the lake exploring rather protected waters among numerous islands. I covered only 6 miles with some stops for photography and a more intense workout against wind at the sunset. It was my first paddling with Sea Wind this year.

The pictures displayed above were shot with Pentax Optio W10. I also carried my DSLR camera, but I shoot only some trees damaged by Mountain Pine Beetle. It was too rough and too wet to use it on water.

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