Sat - September 9, 2006

Kayak Photography: Using Your Paddle to Stabilize the Camera - Video Clip

I often use a paddle to stabilize my Pentax Optio camera, especially, when paddling rather tippy boat like Sisson Nucleus or Spencer X-treme. It serves two functions:

1. To have your paddle ready for bracing

2. To avoid shaking the camera when pressing a shutter button

I recommend this technique for shooting with any small camera, just keep your camera on a leash and attach a piece of non-slippery material to your paddle. I also like to use a 2 second self timer whenever possible and reasonable.

Of course, this method may not work if you are paddling against 30 knot wind or through rapids ...

paddling & shooting

I was caught on video by Marcie Nolan when shooting with my Pentax Optio W10 from Sisson Nucleus kayak during warm-up before the recent Dotsero Race on the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon. I was also shooting from the kayak at the race finish.

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