Thu - June 21, 2007

Searching for New Angles in Kayak Photography and Video

sticky pod camera mount sticky pod camera mount
I am shooting a lot of video clips and pictures in an interval (lapse time) mode with my Pentax Optio W10 camera mounted on a kayak deck with the aid of a suction cup mount (sticky pod). However, racing kayaks with a narrow bow like my Sisson Nucleus or racing canoes like Spencer X-treme have really no room for a suction cup in the very front deck. In that case, I am mounting the sticky pod on a bow side. It works pretty well for the Sisson kayak, but not for the WSBS Thunderbolt which has a very flared bow.

During my recent paddling on the Horsetooth Reservoir I tested a little invention: I added a second mini ball head to the sticky pod. It worked pretty well providing a very wide range of camera position adjustments and a quite interesting shooting angle from the bow of 21' Thunderbolt. As a second mini ball head I used a tiny one made by Giottos.

I wonder if this setup would work for ICF K1 or other kayaks with a lower bow like the Supersonic Peter Unold is recently trying for video shooting.

Working with suction cups from the sticky pod system it would be possible to manufacture a double mount with a suction cup on each side of a kayak bow and a camera mounted between them over the kayak deck. I played with the similar idea fo mount a heavier GPS unit (Garmin GPSmap 76s) on the front deck.

Peter is referring to with a nice variety of suction cup mounts. The sticky pod may not look that elegant, but its main advantage is that I can disassembly suction cups and used them in any configuration including my home made mount platforms.

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