Wed - July 11, 2007

10 Tips for Water Photography from Surfing the Web

Here are 10 photo tips for shooting water or around water. I have collected them somewhat randomly from the Web. However, let's start from more general tips on photography composition and technique. I hope they will provide you with a good reading and viewing experience.
wing paddle

suction cup camera mount on kayak

suction cup camera mounts
for kayak photography

Lone Tree Reservoir

  1. An Eye for Composition
    by Gary W. Stanley - Rules, advices and inspirating examples
  2. How to Make Great Photographs
    or Everything You Really Needed to Learn About Photography That They Didn't Teach You at Brook
    by Ken Rockwell
  3. Take your eye off the Viewfinder
    by Gary Luhm
  4. Using Water to Lighten Landscape Photos
    by Digital Photography School
  5. 3 Tips For Using Water To Enhance Your Images
    by Mike Stensvold in Shutterbug Travel Tips
  6. Waterfalls - Tips and Techniques
    by Garry Black
  7. 10 Beach Photography Tips
    by Digital Photography School
  8. Disposable Underwater Cameras
    by Charles Dias in Vivid Light Photography - If you understand their limits you can get some stunning shots
  9. Tips for Water Reflection Shots
    in discussion forum
  10. 10 Ways to Make Your Digital Photos Last Forever
    by The Gadget Place - Drive crashes, lost memory cards, and corrupt CDs can destroy years of photos if you let them, but your digital pictures can last forever if you're careful.

Please let me know if you can recommend an on-line article with photography tips related to water or paddling.

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