Tue - January 29, 2008

Panning Camera Mount and Wide Angle Video Cam from Rambo's Locker

panning camera mount Rambo is training hard and racing outrigger canoes in Australia. Check his recent report and video from Red Cross Murray Ultra Marathon, a 404 km, 5 day canoe/kayak flatwater race.

It is worth to spend some time in Rambo's Locker. You can find there some interesting camera and video cam setups to produce movies during paddling and racing.

I have written about Rambo's video clips shot with GoPro Digital Hero. His newest invention is a motorized, wireless panning camera mount with suction cups to put it on a canoe deck. Here there are two video clips from the Rambo's Locker showing these new toys:

1. Panning cam mount

2. Outrigger canoe paddling

First one demonstrates the panning device, and the second is a short movie shot with a wide angle bullet cam mounted on an outrigger canoe behind the paddler. It is really much wider view angle than from GoPro Digital Hero or Pentax Optio W30 cameras.

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