Sun - May 18, 2008

Temporary Lens Hood for Pentax Optio W30 Camera - Ugly, but Works

Pentax Optio W30 camera with lens hood

A temporary fix lasts often longer than expected if not forever ...

Last November I reported a neat way to add filters and lens attachments to Pentax Optio W-cameras by epoxing a step-up-ring. I have never found time to do to for my camera. However, during my winter paddling and shooting on the South Platte River, I really needed some kind of hood to protect the lens against direct sun light and splashes.

I cut a ring from an old plastic film canister. I needed to trim it a couple times to avoid vignetting at a wide zoom. Then, I just used electric tape to attach the thing to my Pentax camera. I preferred electric tape since I did not want a duck tape residue on my camera.

This lens hood was expected to survive one paddling workout only. Four months later, it is still on my camera, looks ugly, and works fine. It improves picture and video quality, especially, when the camera is mounted on a kayak deck and used in the movie or interval shooting mode. The only drawback is that the camera doesn't fit so smoothly in its little pouch as before.

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