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Paddling with Pixel, the Water Corgi

Submitted by on May 29, 2009 – 2:54 am 5 Comments

I spent the Memorial Day weekend together with Connie and our two dogs at Saratoga, Wyoming. I raced in the Wyoming Outback Challenge, 44 miles on the North Platte River, on Sunday, but I also did some river runs before and after the race. In these two trips between Treasure Island and Pick Bridge I was accompanied in my Sea Wind Canoe by Pixel, our water Corgi.

Pixel has grown up with our Newfoundland girl, Dax, and is real water dog. We paddled together on my local lakes in northern Colorado and on the South Platte River. The North Platte was his debut on a bigger river with some waves and splashes. We paddled with a spraydeck on (except of posing for pictures below). These were short trips below 2 hours on a very fast river. Pixel was just sitting very calmly between my legs. Without a spraydeck he has tendency to walk around and climb to the deck.

He didn’t care about waves or wildlife. We were passing very close to geese, pelicans, a bald eagle, and deer. However, he growled at cows.

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  • Connie Uliasz says:

    Hey Marek! These pictures are fabulous — what a cutie (and the dog isn’t bad, either)!

  • Caryl T. says:

    To my friends, Marek & Pixel -
    You both look fabulous! Really great pics too, Marek – so glad I get to see you two out there on the water. I am jealous! :-D
    Lots of hugs, Caryl

  • Connie Uliasz says:

    For anyone interested in Pixel’s odd, blue-grey coloring, yes, you’re right, he’s supposed to be a normal black, brown and white tricolor. His steel grey and fawn colors are the result of a fading gene that washes out these colors and also, I think, contributes to his non-brown eyes. Corgis with this coloring are showable, but they will end up last in their classes. We like it, though, and think Pixel is mighty handsome. I have wondered if this gene has anything to do with his fine bone structure as well — if there’s some relation. Pixel is much smaller and more fine boned than other corgis I’ve seen. He is fully grown now and at his current athletic weight tops out at about 19 pounds. My vets have told me that his weight is just right and Marek and I work hard to keep him fit and trim and exercised.

  • Bill Thomas says:

    Marek… Have you considered the wisdom of having Pixel wear a PFD?

  • Laurie Eno says:

    I’d love to run some of Pixel’s photos on The Daily Corgi!

    Please drop me an e-mail to let me know whether this would be OK.


    Laurie Eno