Pentax Optio Camera in Action on the Horsetooth Reservoir

Shot with GoPro Hero camera mounted on a front deck of JKK Supernova kayak

How to Operate a Remote Camera Mounted on a Kayak Bow or Mast

I often shoot movie clips or still pictures in an interval mode (time lapse) with a camera mounted on a kayak deck or bow or on a mast, so out of reach from a cockpit. I am often asked how I am turning my camera on and off.

I am using two "paddling" cameras right now, Pentax Optio W30 and GoPro HD Hero, and I don't really have a solution for a remote control. - I have to stop to turn a camera on/off. Since, I am usually paddling on small lakes or rivers it is my typical situation. - A camera is running until the memory card is full (not so difficult for shooting video). - A camera is running until a battery dies like in my 2010 Missouri River 340 race. - I have a paddling partner to help. - Or, you can build a folding mast which would allow you to reach a camera like Mark Sanders did. Turning the camera on/off is a more problem when you are shooting video. You can shoot a huge amount of still pictures. From hundreds of pictures shot during a 1-2 hour paddling workout I can only select a few which I am ready to show here.

Pentax is offering a waterproof remote control which works with the newest models from their line of waterproof cameras: Pentax Optio W90 and Pentax Optio WG-1. It is fairly cheap at ~$20. If my Optio W30 dies I am going to upgrade to WG-1. Are you using that Pentax remote control? Please share your experience!

A remote controller, Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote. will be available for GoPro Hero cameras in February 2012. I've bought LCD BackPack for my GoPro - really helpful in setting the camera on a kayak and reviewing pictures or video. I believe that the new Wi-Fi BacPac is interchangeable with the LCD display.

11 Ways You Can Improve Your Photography – A Free E-Book from Craft and Vision

Craft & Vision just released a new and free e-book 11 Ways You Can Improve Your Photography edited by David DuChemin. It’s a compilation of articles from their library of e-books. A lot of of great information! 1. Make your images more dynamic by Piet van den Eynde 2. Tame your digital exposures by David DuChemin 3. The power of the print by Martin Bailey 4. Learn to direct the eye by Michael Frey 5. Understand the stages by Alexandre Buisse 6. Create projects and collaborate by Andrew S. Gibson 7. Refine your composition by Nicole S. Young 8. The power of the moment by Eli Reinholdsten 9. Forget the lens stereotypes by Piet van den Eynde 10. Slow down and learn to see by Stuart Sipahigil 11. Make stronger portraits by David DuChemin

I have downloaded and read several e-books from Craft and Vision including two books by Piet van den Eynde on using off camera flash, Making Light, and (micro)STOCK From Passion to Paycheck by Nicole S. Young aka Nicolesy. And, of course, I am also a fan of paper books by David DuChemin:

VisionMongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision Vision & Voice: Refining Your Vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

3 Pictures from November Paddling on the Horsetooth Reservoir

Evening paddling on the Horsetooth Reservoir with JKK Supernova sea kayak - warm and calm with a beautiful sunset.

I did about 10 miles from the South Bay to Orchard Cove and back. There was a construction going on a hill slope in the South Bay. A helicopter was carrying a load of concrete from a highway uphill. If these are residential houses they will not be cheap ... And, a surprise: I met a sea kayaker in the northern part of the lake . He was paddling from the Satanka Cove. All boat ramps were closed, so no power boats.

All pictures were shot this time with Pentax Optio W30 which remains my main paddling camera. I am a few models behind the new developments in the Pentax line of waterproof cameras. Certainly, the newest addition, Pentax Optio WG-1, with GPS and waterproof remote looks interesting. There is also a cheaper version without GPS.

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Windy Paddling with JKK Supernova Kayak and Sawyer Loon Canoe

November 12, 2011. A very windy afternoon on Beaver Pond in Arapaho Bend Natural Area in Fort Collins. There were wind gusts up to 50 mph. I paddled JKK Supernova sea kayak and Rob Bean his Sawyer Loon canoe. Most of the time were hugging the west shore to get some protection from the wind.

All pictures were shot with GoPro HD Hero camera set in an interval mode (a still picture every 30s). The camera was mounted on a telescoping mast and Sticky Pod suction cups nn the stern deck of my kayak. The mast was extended to about 50" above the deck. The camera was looking forward first, then I turn it 180 degrees to look back. Unfortunately, the camera was collecting some water splashes due to high wind.

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A Bird’s-Eye View of Kayaking with GoPro Hero Camera

A bird's-eye view? Well, it's more like a low flying goose perspective. I am testing GoPro HD Hero camera mounted on a telescoping mast a few feet above kayak deck.

South Platte River with GoPro Hero HD Camera and Thunderbolt Kayak

I just started my 2011/12 cold season of paddling on the South Platte River. On October 14 I took the Thunderbolt kayak for upstream/downstream paddling workout starting at Kersey. I did a little bit more than 3 miles up river just passing the confluence with the Poudre River. It was a beautiful summer weather and the river had a good flow > 700 cfs.

I was testing my new GoPro HD Hero camera. I didn't shoot video, but I started from my favorite interval mode taking still pictures every 60 seconds. I did a lot of this kind of shooting with my Pentax Optio cameras. GoPro Hero was mounted with a suction cup from Sticky Pod on the front deck of my kayak. A detachable LCD screen makes it much easier to position the camera and play back there results of your shooting. I will be reviewing features of the GoPro camera and different mountain options, especially, the GoPro Hero suction cup mount with my own based on Sticky Pod product.

The pictures turned to be pretty good. Of course, the pictures shot in full sun were in general too contrasty. For this post I choose pictures shot in a partial shadow or after sunset. The initial shot under the bridge, not particularly scenic spot, is quite interesting. The concrete bridge structure acted as a huge reflector. Well, it's all about light.

9 Pictures from September Paddling in Northern Colorado

My September paddling near Fort Collins in northern Colorado: three lakes and three different boats. All pictures were shot with paddling camera on duty - Pentax Optio W30. I am a couple version behind the newest Optio models, but my W30 is still working perfectly. It's always tethered to my life jacket, so I cannot lose it. I wonder if somebody has experience with the newer waterproof cameras from Pentax Optio W90 and Optio WG-1 Adventure Series, and, especially, with the waterproof infrared remote control. It looks interesting and is quit cheap (~$20).

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Sea Wind Canoe on the Loveland Pass

Last Sunday, when returning from the Colorado River Race in Glenwood Canyon, I drove over the Loveland Pass to avoid delays in the Eisenhower Tunnel. It didn't help much. I was still stuck in a traffic below the tunnel. However, I enjoyed a few stops at highway 6 at and below the Loveland Pass. It was foggy, cloudy and mysterious. Time to time I could see the slow traffic on the Interstate 25 below.

This year, I paddled my Sea Wind Canoe in the Colorado River Race. I got a really good workout there. The race was dominated by SUPs (stand-up paddlers). You can find some pictures from the race and more commentary on the Fitness Paddling blog.

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  • Bill Ashworth
    3 years ago

    Marek – what do you know about the condition of the South Platte put-ins/take-outs and river courses traditionally used by the Joint Clubs March event? Poudre and RMCC are organizing for 2015 and looking for information

    Bill Ashworth

  • Marek Author
    3 years ago

    I haven’t paddled the South Platte this year yet. Last year, I paddled the river around Kuner and Kersey – no significant changes in river character or access after flooding there. I haven’t seen Riverside Park in Evans after re-opening. I may have some updates in the next couple of weeks.

  • 2 years ago

    Hi Marek – Great pictures! This canoe stabilizer and platform may help if you have a tripod on your Penobscot.

  • 2 years ago

    Hi Larry. I go to southwestern Wyoming where my dad lives and saretm fish with sinners and do some fly fishing. Been doing it every year since I was in third grade. Lots of water up there this year so fishing was slow but still fun. Love to pan fry smaller trout or wrap them in tin foil with some butter and garlic and put them on a grill or in the coals of a camp fire for about 30 minutes. Can’t go wrong with either method.RG

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