3 Bow Shots from November Sunset Paddling

I really enjoy November paddling in northern Colorado. Evenings can be calm with a glossy water and beautiful sunsets. No mosquitoes! It could be cold with ice on a kayak deck, but this year November is very warm.

Spencer Xtreme and Thunderbolt in November Paddling Workout

Rob was paddling laps in his Spencer Xtreme Canoe. I took my Thunderbolt-X kayak for easy paddling and testing a Flip Ultra camcorder as a bow camera. I attached the Flip grip from Wet Stuff to a suction cup mount from Sticky Pod.

Paddling Photography a Year Ago – November 2007

A year ago I started to shoot hot air balloons. We went to Hot Air Balloon Harvest at Greeley in the end of October, then I drove to southern Colorado for another balloon festival at Rocky Ford. I took for that my Thunderbolt-x kayak and tried to explore a very shallow John Martin Reservoir.

My another paddling trip further from home was Lake Dillon with Sea Wind canoe: cold and windy, but with some interesting light for photography. Horses below were shot from Surfrigger canoe when paddling my local Beaver Pond near Fort Collins.

3 Reviews of Olympus Stylus 1050 SW Waterproof Camera with Tap Control

A month ago Olympus introduced a new model to the line of their waterproof and shockproof cameras: Stylus 1050 SW. It features a brand new digital camera feature - Tap Control. Tap Control is intended to help photographers wearing gloves access camera controls. I have found three reviews of the new camera. There are rather moderately enthusiastic, but Olympus Stylus SW has its fans.

Flip Ultra Camcorder + Waterproof Case = Video Camera for Paddlers? Part 1

Flip Ultra is the model interesting for paddlers because you can get a waterproof case for it just for $30 or so. Waterproof cases for Canon point-and-shoot cameras are almost 10 times more expensive. Of course, you don't have so many control buttons in Flip camcorders.

Unfortunately, there is no tripod socket on this waterproof (there is one on a camera) case which limits paddling applications of the Flip from my perspective. I like to shoot movies with a camera mounted on a kayak deck or use it as a helmet cam. There are at least three solutions to this problem.

Paddling Horsetooth Reservoir (River) 6 Years Ago

During two years, 2001 and 2002, the Horsetooth Reservoir near Fort Collins, Colorado, was drained to just few % of its capacity to allow repairs to the main dam. The 6 mile long lake was reduced to three ponds connected by long narrow channels with some whitewater. The flow was supported by water diverted from the Colorado River within the Big Thompson Project.

Paddling was very interesting, but quite challenging in these narrows channels with a strong current. It was quiet, no motorboats since boat ramps didn't reach water. Low water uncovered many structures at the lake bottom. Below you can find 10 selected pictures from these dry years on the Horsetooth.

Word Cloud from Paddling with a Camera Feed

I was just playing around on the Wordle.net website. It's an online tool that creates word clouds from any text provided by you. There are several option to try: different colors, word orientation, shapes, etc. Just a little fun online. This word cloud was created by using the current feed from my blog. It's not very surprising that the word paddling is a trunk of my "word tree."

Paddling Photography a Year Ago – October 2007

A lot of paddling on my local waters in northern Colorado including Beaver Pond, Horsetoorh Reservoir and Boyd lake. Starting paddling season on the South Platte River. I was paddling Thunderbolt-X kayak and shooting with Pentax Optio W10.

A Big Pipe Feeding Boyd Lake

When I paddled Boyd Lake last time in summer it was pretty low. Today I was skating on a bike trail along the lake. The water level is rising. It may be a nice time to paddle there. I didn’t […]

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  • Bill Ashworth
    3 years ago

    Marek – what do you know about the condition of the South Platte put-ins/take-outs and river courses traditionally used by the Joint Clubs March event? Poudre and RMCC are organizing for 2015 and looking for information

    Bill Ashworth

  • Marek Author
    3 years ago

    I haven’t paddled the South Platte this year yet. Last year, I paddled the river around Kuner and Kersey – no significant changes in river character or access after flooding there. I haven’t seen Riverside Park in Evans after re-opening. I may have some updates in the next couple of weeks.

  • 2 years ago

    Hi Marek – Great pictures! This canoe stabilizer and platform may help if you have a tripod on your Penobscot.


  • 2 years ago

    Hi Larry. I go to southwestern Wyoming where my dad lives and saretm fish with sinners and do some fly fishing. Been doing it every year since I was in third grade. Lots of water up there this year so fishing was slow but still fun. Love to pan fry smaller trout or wrap them in tin foil with some butter and garlic and put them on a grill or in the coals of a camp fire for about 30 minutes. Can’t go wrong with either method.RG

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