Bent Shaft Paddle and Outrigger Canoe

Two pictures of Surfrigger, my outrigger canoe ... It turned out to be sort of a still life study with my paddle resting on a canoe bow. It was calm without any wind, but I still had troubles to keep that long (24') and light boat still on water for photography.

Less Paddling, More Photowalking, Shooting, and Experimenting with HDR

I haven’t paddled much during last weeks due to a tendonitis in my right wrist. It means more biking, inline skating or just walking with the camera, and more HDR images.

The Last Frame during the 2008 Missouri River 340 Race

I packed my Canon EOS 40D camera with a tripod for the recent MR340 race. I launched 40 minutes before the start and paddled across the Kaw River to shoot 150 boats lining up above boat ramp, then starting, entering the Missouri and heading down the river.

Kayak and Water Photography by Jock Bradley

Jock Bradley is considered to be one of the finest kayaking photographers in the world. His images have appeared in countless magazines such as Canoe and Kayak, Paddler, Kayak Session, Men's Journal, Outside, National Geographic Adventure and Sports Illustrated. A few years ago he published "Torrent" - a coffee table book collection of his finest whitewater images.

Paddling Workout with a Dog – Pixel First Time in Sea Wind Canoe

Yesterday, Pixel, my Corgi puppy has his debut as a paddler. We paddled 10 miles in Sea Wind canoe on Beaver Pond in Arapaho Bend Natural Area near Fort Collins. He behaved perfectly in the front of Sea Wind cockpit. […]

Winter Dusk on the South Platte River

Dusk on the South Platte River below the Plumb Ditch Dam near Greeley. The picture was shot during a short evening paddling workout with Thunderbolt kayak starting at the Mitani-Tokuyasu State Wilderness Area (open till the end of February only) above Kersey.

10 Easy River Trips in the Mountains, Canyons and Plains of Colorado

10 definitive canoe and sea kayak trips in Colorado, written 30 years ago, but still fun to read.

Where to Place a Horizon in Your Paddling Pictures?

7 examples with a commentary from paddling and shooting around a lake ...

Sticky Pod Review – Suction Cup Camera Mounts for Kayak Photography

I have been using different approaches to mount my camera or camcorder on a boat deck from various mini tripods and clam pods to mounts improvised with a foam, bungee, and duck tape. Recently, I almost entirely use a suction cup mount from Sticky Pod Camera Mounts. I have found it reliable and easy to use.

The sticky pod has been involved in shooting of all my movie clips and paddling self portraits in interval camera mode since 2005/6 winter.

The sticky pod mounts come in different configurations from a single cup mount to heavy duty mounts with 3 or 4 suction cups. The essential part of this system is a strong suction cup with a 1/4" thread. It can be connected to any standard photography tripod head or anything else using 1/4" bolt.

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  • Bill Ashworth
    3 years ago

    Marek – what do you know about the condition of the South Platte put-ins/take-outs and river courses traditionally used by the Joint Clubs March event? Poudre and RMCC are organizing for 2015 and looking for information

    Bill Ashworth

  • Marek Author
    3 years ago

    I haven’t paddled the South Platte this year yet. Last year, I paddled the river around Kuner and Kersey – no significant changes in river character or access after flooding there. I haven’t seen Riverside Park in Evans after re-opening. I may have some updates in the next couple of weeks.

  • 2 years ago

    Hi Marek – Great pictures! This canoe stabilizer and platform may help if you have a tripod on your Penobscot.

  • 2 years ago

    Hi Larry. I go to southwestern Wyoming where my dad lives and saretm fish with sinners and do some fly fishing. Been doing it every year since I was in third grade. Lots of water up there this year so fishing was slow but still fun. Love to pan fry smaller trout or wrap them in tin foil with some butter and garlic and put them on a grill or in the coals of a camp fire for about 30 minutes. Can’t go wrong with either method.RG

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