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Suction Cup Mounts on Inflatable Badfish SUP ?

Submitted by on March 18, 2013 – 4:48 pm 3 Comments

I am using suction cups on all my kayaks and canoes to mount cameras and GPS devices. Of course, you need a smooth surface to attach a suction cup. Rinsing the deck of your boat with water usually provides a stronger grip. But, what to do with decks which are not smooth like in the case of inflatable boats?

suction cup mount on inflatable SUP

I faced that problem during my first paddling this season on Beaver Pond with Badfish inflatable SUP (stand up paddleboard). Here is my quick and temporary solution: a lid of plastic box tacked under bungees and a handle in the front deck of my SUP. It provided just enough smooth surface to place my Garmin Forerunner GPS on sticky pod suction cup and GoPro Hero camera on its original suction cup mount. My suction cup dashboard worked pretty well for quiet water paddling.

As a more permanent setup, I would probably use more a solid plate (plexiglass?) with holes to tie it to available anchor points. Do you have any other suggestions or ideas?

Badfish SUP on Beaver Pond
Badfish SUP - March paddlingIt was rather cold and cloudy day …

Badfish SUPwhich ended up with some snow.

Galena wildfire smoke plumeTwo days later (March 15, 2013). Paddling Badfish SUP on Beaver Pond in Arapaho Bend Natural Area with a smoke plume from Galena wildfire behind me.

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  • PeterD says:

    If you are adding a plexiglass plate, why not skip past the suction cup and use some sort of permanent (bolt on) mount in this plate? This would take away one possible area for failure (suction cup). Perhaps not the right solution with the temporary box lid, should you want to use that box for its normal use.

  • Shalinee says:


    Thank you for having liked a couple of my posts! (my wordpress id is culturegeekfashionoid). I love the fact that you such an outdoorsy person and I love all of your photographs, there is so much energy in them! My husband is a big one for kayaking, so I have mentioned his email address on top, I know he will be very glad to receive updates from you! Cheers!!

  • marek says:


    Suction cups are convenient for moving my gadgets between different boats. Badfish SUP is the only one where suction cups will not hold.

    I will be thinking about more permanent mounting plate – its bottom needs to be smooth to not scratch the soft inflatable deck.

    I will be testing some other solutions for mounting GoPro Hero camera.