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Canon PowerShot G10 with Waterproof Case for Paddling?

Submitted by on December 14, 2008 – 12:15 am 5 Comments

I am quite happy to paddle and shoot with Pentax Optio “W” cameras as long as producing pictures to be displayed online. They are waterproof, compact, easily accessible in any conditions. The image quality is OK for a blog or website, but usually there is just too much of digital noise for some commercial applications. So, for my stock photography, I am carrying a DSLR camera, Canon EOS 40D. It may be a rather challenging task if I paddle a racing boat like my Thunderbolt-X kayak.

In the search for some alternative solutions I have been watching evolution of Canon PowerShot G series cameras. Canon offers waterproof cases for them.

The newest Canon G10 certainly looks interesting, and arguably, it may be the best compact digital camera available. It’s not cheap: ~$420 for the camera and ~$190 for the waterproof case at amazon.com.

I have been spoiled by Pentax Optio W10 and W30 cameras with the interval (time lapse) shooting mode. Now, I would like to see that feature in any camera. No luck with the Canon G10, though. However, there is some hope to control this camera remotely since it accepts the same shutter remote as Canon Rebel. How to deal with the waterproof case with the remote attached is a different story.

canon powershot g10

Here are some reviews of Canon G10.

Trusted Reviews:
“The Canon PowerShot G10 is still going to be the benchmark by which all other high-spec compacts are measured, but it’s no longer the top dog. It is beaten on picture quality and portability by the smaller, lighter and slightly cheaper Panasonic LX3, and is beaten badly on value for money by most entry-level DSLRs. It’s still an impressive camera and can produce excellent results, especially in Raw mode, but the price means its appeal is a little too specialised for some.”

Digital Camera Review:
“At the moment, the advanced compact camera market has settled in terms of price at around the $500 mark. For that kind of outlay, it’s not unreasonable to ask yourself whether your needs might not be better served by an entry-level DSLR: basic models from every manufacturer will do essentially everything the G10 does, provide superior high-ISO and shooting speed performance without exception, and do so for only a little more than this PowerShot’s considerable price tag (not to mention that the G10 weighs almost as much as many of these larger cameras).”

The Online Photographer:
Canon has now demonstrated that a small camera with a small sensor can provide the ergonomics, speed, flexibility, and image quality that would please most serious photographers.

CNET editors’ review:
The primary reason to buy a camera like this, however, is the photo quality, and here the Canon G10 doesn’t disappoint. Color and exposures are great. There’s some wide-angle distortion at the 28mm-equivalent maximum, but photos have very good center and edge-to-edge sharpness at longer focal lengths. ISO 80 and 100 produce relatively pristine images and if you’re alert to it, you’ll see some noise-suppression artifacts starting at ISO 200. But photos look quite usable up to and including ISO 400; at ISO 800 they get visibly soft.

Luminuous Landscape: Comparison of Canon G10 and Nikon P6000.

byThom: Comparison of Canon PowerShot G10, Nikon Coolpix P6000, and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3.
“If you need pixels, you need the Canon, hands down. If you need the fast, wide, defect-free lens, you need the Panasonic. You don’t need the Coolpix.”

Ken Rockwell
“The G10 is the best compact digital camera I’ve ever used, but no compact is as good as any real (interchangeable-lens) SLR.”

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  • Jon Fich says:

    Look @ Nikon P6000. It will have intervalometer mode and is almost as good as g10. It’s smaller, too. It has a waterproof case by fantasea for about $200. The waterproof case has a thread mount on the bottom. I don’t think the g10′s does.

  • marek says:

    It’s nice to know that Nikon P6000 has an intervalometer.

    I haven’t seen the waterproof case for Canon G10, but I would be really surprised if a tripod socket is not available there. The case for my old Canon Powershot S40 has a tripod mount.

  • software RIP says:

    I had a case for my Canon A80 that looked a lot like this one. It never failed, not even at 100 ft

  • marek says:

    I am using quite often a time lapse (interval shooting) in my Pentax Optio W10/W30 cameras. The time lapse mode was available in Canon G9, but is not in G10!

  • Azza says:

    I had a case for my Canon A80 that looked a lot like this one. It never failed, not even at 100 ft

    I got this blog from Google because I want to know why a waterproof case I just borrowed, failed :D

    My friend bought it less about a year ago. Luckily I test it out before I put the G10 in. :|

    I think maybe this yellow seal needs to be replaced. (I think that’s where the water pass through).

    Another picture